It's every renter's  worsts nightmare. You look at house after house, apartment after apartment, until you find that one perfect place that's close to you job or school, in the neighborhood you like, and within your price range. You have saved money to pay the initial security deposit and first month's rent, moved your things, and now you are ready to start a new life in a new home. And then it happens. The landlord tells you that he forgot to add the pet fee to the lease. The water stops running and the property manager ignores your calls for repairs. The security deposit your were expecting from your last rental never arrives and your previous landlord is ignoring your calls.

Everyone who has experience renting knows that these are the types of problems that can come with any rental. Luckily, the Coco Law Firm can help put your mind at ease. With our yearly protection plan, the Firm can help answer your legal questions throughout your lease, correspond with your landlord, and help you hold on to your security deposit. Highlights of the Plan include the following:

  • One year coverage;
  • Choose monthly payments or one-time payment;
  • Have your legal questions related to your rental answered;
  • Have the Firm to correspond with your landlord if you are having difficulty getting through to him or her;
  • Review of any rent increases or changes during the Plan term;
  • Assistance with cancelling rental agreement if within a certain time frame;
  • Assistance with return of security deposit; and more! 

Please contact the firm if you are interested in the Protection Plan.