Pay-to-Play Laws

You might not think twice about letting your daughter donate that old couch in your basement to her favorite political organization. But did you know that if your business has a contract with the government, you could be in danger of violating New Jersey's extensive and confusing anti-bribery statutes? If you conduct business with municipal, county, or state governments and also make any type of political contributions, you should seek experienced legal counsel to avoid potential fines and penalties. Our Firm helps guide businesses and business owners in the area of political contributions and government contracts. 

Running for Office

If you can shake off the jokes about politicians the way we shake of lawyer jokes, and you have a passion for making New Jersey a better place to live, you may be ready to run for public office. New Jersey has specific, complex rules for fund raising and running political campaigns. If you are thinking of joining New Jersey's fleet of elected representatives, we can help you run a compliant and smooth campaign. 

Michael Coco, RN, Esq. is also a New Jersey Certified Trained Campaign Treasurer.