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In a perfect world, many people would do what they love for free. Unfortunately, we all have bills to pay, employees to keep, equipment to maintain, and people to support. In a less perfect world, we would preform our duties, submit an invoice, and receive compensation. But in the real world, healthcare providers often perform complex and highly-technical services, but have difficulty obtaining reimbursement from insurance providers. The Coco Law Firm knows the insurance rules and regulations that require insurers to play fair. We have have experience reviewing and appealing healthcare claims and have taken insurers to arbitration. Contact us today for help getting paid.  

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Services for Professionals

Healthcare providers come in a variety of scrubs. Some enjoy nursing, while others are physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, or other hard-working professionals. These professionals sometimes face legal and regulatory problems related to licensing, board investigations, employment contracts, and other legal concerns. We are here to help you with any of these issues. 

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Regulatory Guidance

Healthcare is one of the country's most heavily-regulated industries. From the Affordable Care Act to HIPAA to state regulations, healthcare professionals are faced with an enormous web of complex regulatory demands and restrictions. Violating these rules could result in fines, loss of a professional license, expulsion from the federal health care reimbursement program, and even criminal charges. The Coco Law Firm can assist you with your regulatory questions and provide you with consulting on mandatory compliance programs. Contact us today. 

Business and Licensing Issues 

In addition to the regulatory hurdles faced by healthcare professionals, business people in the healthcare field also face the same general issues as their counterparts in other industries. Questions on business formation, structure, taxes, licensing, and other factors all need to be addressed. Often times, healthcare businesses must abide by additional regulations, making general business guidance even more important for the healthcare business owner. We can help answer your business questions while keeping you on the right side of healthcare law.  

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