Attorney Fees

Billable Hour Fees

In certain cases, such as regulatory guidance, contract drafting and negotiation, and other select areas, The Coco Law Firm charges an hourly rate. Rates are discussed during the retainer and engagement process.

Flat Fees

We offer flat fees for certain services such as basic business formation, preparation of certain documents, and select business filings. Examples of our current flat fees include:

  • Starting a Single Member LLC: $499.00 (plus filing fees)
  • Drafting a demand letter: $275.00
  • Reviewing an employee non-compete agreement: $125.00

Contingency Fees

The Coco Law Firm usually allows for contingency fee arrangements in residential security deposit cases, consumer fraud actions, and certain physician billing and reimbursement matters. A contingency fee is based on us obtaining a judgment or settlement on your behalf, in which case our fee is a percentage of the money received. Generally, if no money is received on your behalf, you will not pay a fee. Fee percentages are based on the amount in controversy, the type of case, and New Jersey Attorney Ethics Rules. Please note that fees are not due in contingency cases unless we obtain a judgment for you, but the client may be responsible for payment of costs and expenses related to pursuing a case. 

Estate Planning Fees

The Coco Law Firm offers a 360 Estate Planning Package that includes comprehensive planning for you and your family. This work entails meetings with you and your family, and finding the right plan that will help best protect your assets for you and your family, and help save you and your family money in the long-term. The Package includes all attorney and staff meetings, documentation, notary services, and premium estate binders. Estate Planning fees are as follows, but may vary depending on individual circumstances:

Add $75.00 per dependent addressed in the document. For example, a simple will for a couple with two children would be $800 ($650 + $75.00 x 2). This dependent fee is WAIVED in the 360 Estate Planning Package. 

Costs and Expenses


Costs and expenses are separate from the attorney's professional fee. Examples of costs include court filing fees, expert witness fees, deposition fees, record acquisition, and other non-professional and administrative tasks. 

Costs Borne by the Client

Clients are generally responsible for paying costs and fees. This includes costs for depositing witnesses, engaging in discovery, paying court filing fees, and other costs.

Costs Borne by the Firm

Costs related to ordinary telephone calls, firm copying and printing, scanning documents, postage, and other general firm administrative costs are usually covered by the Firm.


A retainer may be required before we start work on your behalf. Retainers are used to reserve time and preparation for your case and to secure payment.

Initial Consultation Fees

The Firm does not charge an attorney fee for initial consults; we do, however, charge an administrative fee. These initial consults can last up to forty-five minutes, depending on your legal question or problem. The administrative fee is $35 if paid prior to your initial consult or $50 if paid at the time of your initial consult. 

This is General Information

The fee information on this page is for general purposes only and does not represent the fee arrangement between you and The Coco Law Firm. If you decide to retain us, you will enter into a more detailed fee arrangement with us in writing.