• 360 Package Includes comprehensive, premium estate binder with instructions
  • 360 Package includes FREE lunch or dinner meeting 
  • Work with Nurse Attorney to develop Medical Living Will
  • Plan long term care
  • Create a will to pass your assets to your family
  • Create trusts to help protect your assets 
  • Create a Power of Attorney to protect your financial well-being in times of trouble
  • Plan your end-of-life and burial arrangments 
  • Learn about new estate tax laws and changes
  • See all package features

Living for Today

There is no day like today. As the laws, families, and the world changes rapidly around us, we want to make sure that our hard-earned assets remain safe and stable. Making smart investments and setting up irrevocable trusts and other legal tools can help you retain your income and reduce potential liabilities. 

People who are living with disabilities can also help protect their social security and disability benefits while retaining a steady income. Skilled estate planning can help these individuals retain their financial independence without risking their benefits. 

Planning for Tomorrow

Whether we are starting a new job, retiring from an old job, preparing for a new addition of the family, or just preparing for the next new tax year, we need a ensure that the money and assets we worked hard for all our lives are safe. The Coco Law Firm Comprehensive 360 Estate Planning Package has you covered. From securing your medical wishes to distributing your assets, the 360 Package will ensure that your loved ones experience a streamlined process that transfers your assets while minimizing hassle and emotional strife.