Vehicle Purchases, Leases, Repairs, and Lemons

Vehicle purchases, leases, and repairs are a significant investment and cost to most people. New Jersey law offers protection for new vehicle purchases and leases. In some cases, the law also covers used vehicles. Contact us if you have legal questions regarding a vehicle purchase, lease, repair, or warranty agreement. 

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade; when a car dealer gives you a lemon you contact the Coco Law Firm. 

Security Deposits

We know that when good tenants leave a rental, they can sometimes have trouble getting their security deposit returned. Let us know if you are having trouble getting your residential security deposit back. If a landlord wrongfully withholds your security deposit, you may be entitled to damages up to three times your initial deposit.

Medical Bills

Medical bills can be financially devastating to a person or family. Even with health insurance, the rules for in-network, out-of-network, deductibles, co-pays, and coverage can be confusing. Michael Coco RN, Esq., is an experienced nurse and attorney who can review medical bills for errors, help understand EOBs, help you appeal adverse insurance decisions, and assist you with medical bill negotiation.   

Consumer Fraud

We love our hard-working business men and women who help contribute to our local communities. But every now and then an unscrupulous person will attempt to take advantage of consumers. If you feel that a business has lied to you, tricked you, or otherwise treated your unfairly, you should contact us. New Jersey has powerful anti-fraud and consumer protection laws that can help you get your money back and, in some cases, the law allows you to recover up to three times your initial damages and pay your attorney fees. We can write demand letters on your behalf, negotiate settlements, and take your case to court or arbitration.